Differences between TRUNCATE and DELETE in MySQL


  • DELETE is a DML Command.
  • DELETE statement is executed using a row lock, each row in the table is locked for deletion.
  • We can specify filters in where clause
  • It deletes specified data if where condition exists.
  • Delete activates a trigger because the operation are logged individually.
  • Slower than truncate because, it keeps logs.
  • Rollback is possible.


  • TRUNCATE is a DDL command.
  • TRUNCATE TABLE always locks the table and page but not each row.
  • Cannot use Where Condition.
  • It Removes all the data.
  • TRUNCATE TABLE cannot activate a trigger because the operation does not log individual row deletions.
  • Faster in performance wise, because it doesn’t keep any logs.
  • Rollback is possible.

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